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During my 40 years servicing real estate needs, I have continued to be a sales leader in residential home sales for the Mississauga and surrounding areas. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in bringing buyers and sellers together to the advantage of both parties.

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In honor of International Youth Year the Toronto Sun presents some of Toronto’s outstanding young people.
DAVID PARSONS is a super salesman; he’s a wiz when it comes to selling real estate. The 23-year-old from Mississauga has already sold $10 million worth of real estate in 1985, and the figure will increase by at least a few million by the year’s end.
“It takes a lot of hard work and long, long hours,” states PARSONS, who’s in his sixth year in the business after following in his father’s footsteps.
“I built up a lot of good contacts before getting started- and that’s really important”
Parsons runs the day-to-day operation of the well-known, family owned company LOU PARSONS REALTY, located in Mississauga. He has 15 agents working for him.
PARSONS has been interested in land selling since childhood. “ I used to go on the road with dad for showings when I was 10,”he says. So after he turned 18 and having completed Grade 12, PARSONS took his real estate course and got his license.
And he’s been a success since day one. In his first month he was No 1 salesmen at PARSONS TAYLOR REALTY, a company his father had co-founded. “ It was tough as daddy’s son but I showed them right away that I could carry my own weight.”
When that business was sold in 1981 to Guaranty Trust, young PARSONS stayed on. The tireless go-getter was awarded the title of “TOP SALEPERSON,” in Canada for that company two years in a row.
My brother was top rookie for Guaranty Trust for his first year in the business. So I figured with the success my brother and I were having we could open our own company says PARSONS. “It made so much sense to bring the PARSONS name back and our familiar red and white signs.”
With the help of their Father, who is president of the firm today, the new realty company was born- LOU PARSONS REALTY
“We have no complaints so far; it’s been a good two years,” he says. “There have been good times and tough times in the real estate business but I’ve never had what they call a depression.”
PARSONS sells about 70% residential properties and the rest is commercial and industrial. “We sell all over Toronto and Ontario, not just in Mississauga.”
With so many real estate agents around, what’s your secret? “ I have a lot of self-drive and goals,” he says. “ And I’m always accessible- anytime of the day or week.
“You can’t ever plan anything. I’m on duty all the time.”
When he’s not showing property, Parsons enjoys playing golf and traveling. He also makes time to give time, as well as money to charity, including the Credit Valley Hospital.
His advice to other young real estate agents: “long, hard hours pay great dividends,” says PARSONS, who puts in 70 hour weeks and draws a six-figure salary. “If you have a good personal contacts and put in the hours, success is there.”